Introducing our Bird Families Program!

This year, 2023, marks Rockjumper’s 25th birthday and we are thrilled to bring you a brand new, exciting program that gives you every opportunity to explore our planet, and in the process see not only a wonderful array of the world’s birds, wildlife, scenic splendour, people, cultures and more but also a chance of finding every single currently recognised bird family.


Register today for our ‘Bird Families’ program and enjoy some incredible savings on your upcoming birding tours.


See also our free e-book which provides some great information on the 25 countries selected under the program and where the most critical bird families can be found. Woodpeckers, herons, ducks, and swallows are widespread for example and many species can be seen in a variety of locations. They are all easy families to find and need no specific mention within the e-book. Others however such as Magellanic Plover, Hylocitrea, Kagu and Shoebill are different and require specific tours to specific countries to find. Our free e-book unpacks it all for you. Sign-up and download it now.

How the ‘Bird Families’ Program Works

  • Sign up below or e-mail directly to register for the program.
  • Registration ends 31st December 2023.
  • No cost or obligation involved.
  • We have carefully selected 25 countries that if visited, on a Rockjumper scheduled tour, give you every opportunity of finding all the currently recognised bird families. See below for the list of countries that qualify for the ‘Bird Families’ program. Within the countries selected we have outlined the tours that give you the very best chance of seeing the critical bird families and these are the tours that qualify for the ‘Bird Families’ program discounts.
  • Your next tour with Rockjumper (any qualifying tour in 2023 or 2024 even if you have booked already) qualifies for a 2.5% discount provided it is one of those listed under the Bird Families Program below.
  • Thereafter you have a maximum of 6 years to sign up for 6 further Rockjumper tours that fall under those listed for the Bird Families Program below. You will receive discounts on the tours as follows: 5% on your 2nd tour, 7.5% on your 3rd tour, 10% on your 4th tour, 12.5% on your 5th tour, 15% on your 6th tour and a whopping 17.5% on your 7th tour!
  • You can take a maximum of 7 tours under the Bird Families Program. A tour must be taken at least once every calendar year otherwise future discounts are forfeited. The tours can be taken in less than 7 years but not longer. The Bird Families Program is only valid for the scheduled Rockjumper tours outlined below and the tours must be booked directly with Rockjumper to qualify. Antarctica has been included as a bonus destination under the program. Further terms and conditions can be found below or else email
1st tour – Save 2.5%


2nd tour – Save 5%


3rd tour – Save 7.5%


4th tour – Save 10%


5th tour – Save 12.5%


6th tour – Save 15%


7th tour – Save 17.5%

25 Countries and associated tours that qualify for the Bird Families program:


Kenya & Tanzania

  • Tanzania Mega Birding
  • Kenya Mega Birding


  • Comprehensive: Rockfowl & Upper Guinea specials
  • Mega Birding


  • Comprehensive
  • Highlights
  • Budget

South Africa

  • Eastern
  • Cape Extension
  • Birds, Wine & Big Game
  • Budget
  • Cape & Kruger
  • Western Endemics
  • Cape Wildflowers Birding & Big Game
  • Falcons & Big Cats


  • Birds & Gorillas
  • Highlights




  • East Coast
  • Bird Families of Australasia

New Zealand

  • Comprehensive
  • North Island Extension
  • Bird Families of Australasia

New Caledonia

  • Southwest Pacific Islands: New Caledonia Extension

Papua New Guinea

  • Birding in Paradise
  • Highlights



  • Sulawesi & Halmahera


  • Birding the Buddhist Kingdom
  • Highlights


  • Sichuan Birding
  • Highlights


  • Winter Birding

Malaysia & Borneo

  • Rainforest Birds & Mammals

Oman & UAE

  • Arabian Birding Adventure




  • Western Chocó Specialities


  • Mega Birding
  • Highlight
  • Southern Andes Endemics


  • Pantanal: Birds & Wildlife
  • Amazon Rainforest Ext

Argentina & Chile

  • Southern Patagonia incl. Torres del Paine NP



  • Best of Birding
  • Chiriqui Extension




  • Birding Among Volcanoes
  • Oaxaca, Veracruz & Eastern Sierras Extension



Dominican Republic

  • Endemics of Hispaniola

Puerto Rico

  • Forgotten Greater Antilles


  • Caribbean Endemic Birding




  • Best of Birding



Falkland Islands, South Georgia & Antarctica (Included as a bonus destination)



Download our free e-book today and get the inside scoop on the world’s key bird families, and where to find them.


Sign up now and enjoy incredible savings of up to 17.5% on your ‘bird family’ focused birding tours.

Terms and Conditions

1. there is no charge to register and no obligation to do all 7 tours; opt out any time
2. registration for the Bird Families program closes on 31 December 2023
3. a tour must be taken every calendar year for 7 consecutive years, otherwise future discounts are forfeited
4. the 7 tours can be taken in less than 7 years
5. the program is only valid for scheduled tours mentioned on the official list and must be booked directly with Rockjumper. Private (custom) Rockjumper tours, extensions, and sister company tours (Rockjumper Wildlife, Birding Direct, Oryx, Out of Bounds, and Tau) do not qualify
6. the first tour must be taken by December 2024
7. bookings must be made directly with Rockjumper and not via travel agents or other agencies.
8. accumulated tours in the program may not be transferred to any other person, nor may individuals pool their tours to accelerate the discount rate
9. the discounts can only be applied against final invoice for the tour and may not be used as part of a tour deposit.
10. tours that are booked under this program may not be taken in conjunction or combined with any other discount, loyalty program, or price reduction
11. an optional small group supplement may apply if there are not enough registrants for a particular tour, the Bird Families discount will not apply to the small group supplement amount
12. if the tour that you have signed up for is cancelled, an alternative tour will have to be chosen in that same calendar year to remain in the program
13. Rockjumper retains the right to cancel this program at any time but has all intentions of honouring its obligations under this program until the 7 years have run their course