Tailor-made tours

Custom design your dream tour together with our knowledgeable and dedicated team

© Ngorongoro Crater Scenery By Andre Bernon

Why choose Tailor-made tours?

At Rockjumper we offer both Scheduled and Tailor-made tours. If you are looking for flexibility and the option to customise your own tour, the Tailor-made route is exactly what you are looking for. See below for more detailed information.


By choosing to set up a customized tour with our Tailor-made tours team, you get to:

  • Travel on the exact dates that suit you;
  • Travel at the time of year that best suits you;
  • Travel with family, friends or tour participants with whom you would like to have with you on your adventure;
  • Travel at your own pace;
  • Travel with the Tour Leader of your choice. This can be a Rockjumper Tour Leader or a local, country-based guide;
  • Travel within your personal budget, your accommodation type can be arranged from luxurious to budget or a mix;
  • Customize your tour based on a combination of your specific interests, whether it be hardcore, fast-paced birding, mopping up the last few species in a country,  or a more casual, slow-paced and relaxed birding tour, photography, culture, music, wine, botany, butterflies, herps, geology, diving, hiking, our Tailor-Made tours team can put you in position to explore all of these and more.
Agulhas Long-billed Lark by Daniel Danckwerts
Agulhas Long-billed Lark by Daniel Danckwerts

Our Tailor-made tours team is extremely knowledgeable and adaptable, sharing a passion for private, custom-designed tours. Flexibility is the nature of our game and we enjoy the excitement that comes with custom tours. This department has truly done it all, from target-focused tours of Papua New Guinea to opportunities that pay witness to the incredible Great Migration in Kenya and Tanzania.

Daniel Danckwerts
Brittany James
Laverne Karim
Karina Villalba
Karina Villalba

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals in the tourism industry. The team is headed up by Daniel Danckwerts. Dan has a PhD in Zoology and worked as a Tour Leader for Rockjumper for 5 years before assuming his role within the Tailor-made Tours Department. His first-hand guiding experience, paired with his extensive birding and travel knowledge are the perfect ingredients for helping you to design your dream tour. While he still leads tours from time to time, our booking process remains uninterrupted as we have our lovely Laverne who is always ready and to assist with any queries you may have.


Laverne Karim has many years of experience within the world of travel, beginning her working career as an air hostess, and later working as a tour consultant within the leisure travel sector. Laverne’s introduction to Rockjumper was seamless and she has bought fresh excitement to the Tailor-made Tours Department. Her extensive travel background, together with her core value to strive for customer excellence, implies that you will always be in capable hands.


Working on tour logistics, we have Brittany James and Karina Villalba, who expertly arrange everything you need on your tours to South Africa and Latin America, as well as Rockjumper veterans, Keith Valentine, Sue Anderson and Candice Jack stepping in to share their wealth of wisdom in their specialist areas of the globe.


Our Tailor-made tours team is extremely knowledgeable and adaptable, sharing a passion for private, custom-designed tours.