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© Black-throated Sunbird By Daniel Dankwerts

Every month one of our passionate tour leaders will act as your personal virtual guide as you explore some of the planets most exotic sites from the comfort of your armchair. Ever wanted to learn more about hummingbirds in general, where is the best place to see a Satyr Tragopan or why the months of October and November are prime time for visiting Madagascar? These questions and so much more will be on the agenda during the webinars. 

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We invite you to join us for another Dream Destination webinar where Bobby Wilcox will entertain us with an in-depth exploration across two of the Caribbean’s finest birding locations – the exotic islands of Puerto Rico and Jamaica. Between them they hold a staggering 46 endemic birds including some very special hummingbirds such as Jamaican Mango and Black-billed and Red-billed Streamertails and others including the unique Puerto Rican Tanager, Crested Quail-Dove, critically endangered Puerto Rican Amazon and Jamaican and Puerto Rican Todies, which are always a favourite among visiting birders! Bobby has just returned from successful tours through both islands and has a wealth of up-to-date information together with a stunning selection of images to share.

Its has been a while since we last featured an Asian destination on our Dream Destination Webinar series, and this week we are excited to be featuring India. It is quite amazing to think that this will be the first time that India will have been showcased at all, especially with this being our 53rd webinar! For our first India instalment we start in the south of this vast and interesting country where the scenic Western Ghats mountains rise up and provide habitat to a vast array of endemics and specials. The mammals also hold appeal and throughout India the array of mammals augments the country’s incredible birding and fascinating history. To kick us off in India is one of our most popular tour leaders Stephan Lorenz who has also become a firm favourite on our webinar series. We look forward to having you join us for a taste of India with a special focus on the regions many endemic and near-endemic birds.

Nigel Redman is set to share his knowledge with us as he gives an insight into birding through Peninsular Malaysia and the island nation of Borneo. The habitats are varied and prolific with over 700 species recorded, and with 65 of them being endemic Nigel has an incredible selection of birds to focus on. Highlights include Great Argus, Rhinoceros and Helmeted Hornbills, Malayan Whistling Thrush, Rail-babbler, Sultan Tit, an incredible nine species of pitta, the Whitehead’s trio of trogon, broadbill and spiderhunter, Bornean Bristlehead and even the elusive Bornean Ground Cuckoo! Mammals are also a major feature with Orangutan, Proboscis Monkey, Bornean Gibbon, Bornean Pygmy Elephant, Slow Loris, Colugo, Horsfield’s Tarsier, Leopard, Flat-headed and Marbled Cats and even Bornean Clouded Leopard being possible. Nigel has led more than 120 tours in over 80 countries, including the first-ever birding tour to West Papua, and has accumulated a wealth of information to share in this Dream Destination adventure webinar.